2017 Wilder Herb Price List  [PDF]  [XLS]



Wilder Herbs

Why Wilder?

While it’s true Wilder IS the name of Martin’s faithful Golden Retriever, the name strikes us a fun and tasty way to introduce our new third party brand. Most of the 37 herb selections are mainstays. While you’ll note a few, such as the Hot & Spicy Oregano and Chocolate Mint, are just a touch on the wilder side. We see this exciting new line as the perfect compliment to our current perennial offerings.

With our perennials, customers trust us to deliver a wide selection of bigger, better, bench-ready plants, early, easily, and often. We’d like them to think the same of our new 37 variety line of 3.5” herbs. Judges now delivers a meaty retail-ready complete herb package, with a colorful barcoded recipe tag, stand-up tray, perforated pots, and of course, a fresh clean and chunky herb!

There you have it folks, a line and a brand we hope the retail customer will come to ask for by name. Bigger, Better, Wilder!

Wild Times!

Ok, so we made the call to offer a complimentary herb line late in the summer of 2011, and were under the gun from there to: find sales help, identify a product line, locate and build a 7200’ greenhouse (1800+hours labor!), source the plants, etc., all by mid February 2012. Needless to say, it was a Wild six months down on the Farm!

WilderHerbs 3Pics

We had it all, from the lows of finding ALL of the Lexan sheets blown off the trailer and scattered across the nursery after a windstorm, to the highs of covering day on January 9th. Planting is on track to begin mid-February, with first availability in early April!

Best for the season to come, Matt & Martin.